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Imagine your roommates made a podcast all about you

What would you do if you found out your roommates had made a podcast about your life without you knowing?

Well, this one woman found out her roommates made a podcast all about how they can’t stand her, while they mocked her mental health issues. Shockingly people actually listen to it!

Once she learned about it, she turned to the internet for help.

Posting the issue on the /r/relationships subreddit. Stating how she first found out about the whole thing thanks to some fan mail the roommates received:

I was picking up mail from the mailbox and they got a fanmail postcard sent to them from their friend away at a religious camp. On it described how the podcast update “made her day”, and described how she laughed at the parts about info pertaining to my eating disorder, mental health, and how they think my new SO (24M) is “…interesting…” (aka they think he’s awkward).

After reading this bizarre piece of mail, she realized what was going on.

Not only is it incredibly uncomfortable to think how they’re essentially making my life a reality tv show, but the fact that they are sharing info that they promised to keep secret (i.e. my eating disorder and mental health issues) is really distressing. I hear them gossip about me when in adjacent rooms, but I wouldn’t have expected a full blown f**king podcast about my quirks and f**k ups…. They’re the type to watch a lot of dating reality TV and watch gossipy popular youtubers , so it makes sense to me that they are the epitome of drama queens …. however this really feels like crossing a line.

Finally, she asked for help — and said she’s already locked into living with this gruesome twosome for another year.

How do I approach them about this?I have to live with these people for another year, how do I bring up the fact that I know they are talking to me behind my back all the time?

What type of roommates-from-hell is this?

Some went through her post history and noticed her older post about a fake LinkedIn profile in her name, believing it was the roommates messing with her then!

Many people had the same advice, MOVE OUT. Which is stating the obvious here, but some had other advice.

User BiggusDickus asked if they were in college, saying:

If so you should also report them to your Dean of Students. This is absolutely grounds for expulsion.
And no, it doesn’t matter if you live off campus or this is a “personal” issue. Students are bound to a code of conduct 24/7 everywhere, and they would seriously be violating it.

Another user said she should see a lawyer and draft a Cease & Desist Order because even if they didn’t give out her name directly they gave out their address so people could figure out her name by looking up the address. Or if she didn’t want to do that, she should contact the landlord to discuss the situation and hopefully get removed from the lease ASAP.

Unfortunately we don’t know what she ended up doing, but hopefully, she’s away from those terrible people.

She never found out the actual podcast, and neither did we, but wouldn’t you wanna hear what was said?