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Not even SPAM is safe from pumpkin spice

We get it, as Fall approaches the pumpkin spiced products start getting announced when they will be coming back.

(Even though it’s only August right now and in the 80s but ok.)

Now another product has joined the pumpkin spice train: SPAM.

The canned meat produced had a viral fake in 2017 of the product.

But they are now making it REAL starting September 23rd, where it will be available at and (Online only)

The Daily Meal actually got an advanced tasting of the product. One taster said how it reminded them of breakfast sausages, while another one said: “it wasn’t as bad as I expected!”

Will you be giving this pumpkin-spiced food a taste?
We’ll probably hear another company jumping on the bandwagon soon. Or maybe get some pumpkin spiced toilet paper, who knows!