The Abbey Pub set to reopen with new owners

The Abbey Pub, one of Chicago’s most acclaimed music bars is set to reopen under some different circumstances with new ownership and an ongoing legal fight after a devastating 2015  fire. The Irving Park venue which featured live music and entertainment for decades with food and brews in two cozy rooms, has been run by the Looney family since 1984. The landlords of the building and the Looneys have been going through a legal battle while the venue is set to re-open with new owners in 73 days according to a countdown clock the new pub’s website with the altered name ‘Chicago Abbey’. 

“It’s pretty upsetting they’re using ‘Chicago Abbey’ for the name,”said Patrick Looney in an interview. “Especially for my parents. People have been contacting them because they think it’s us who are reopening. But it’s not us.”Block Club Chicago produced this in-depth article digging into the entire story from all-sides. 

As a comedian, I had the fortunate pleasure of performing at the Abbey a handful of times. It always felt special like a little getaway in your own town, but it still felt very much Chicago with a variety of alternative art and music on stage. Let’s hope it’s legacy lives on.