Best breaking character moments on SNL

NBC’s 46 year old live comedy variety institution ‘Saturday Night Live’ will return on September 29th. We have all seen so many hilarious stars thrill us with larger-than-the-screen performances all under the pressure of being on live TV, that environment has lead to many performers and guests host to crack up while trying deliver their dialogue, It’s one of the more regular genuine things you can see on TV, considering you can see the curtain pulled back on the process of SNL so often. You know you are seeing actors try hard to perform, but one way or another someone is going to crack, and it’s something you have to appreciate.

Watch Mojo did a superb job culling together the top 10 character-breaking moments in SNL’s storied history. Yes, Jimmy Fallon is on this list as former cast member and guest host whose reputation for keeping it together precedes him.

Yes, I write a lot about SNL…I just said it was an “institution”. If ya gotta problem, we can arm wrestle the loser has to say “LIVE FROM NEW YORK, I SUCK”, sound fair?