Alternative titles for the next James Bond movie

The news came out today that the next James Bond film which will be the last to star Daniel Craig in the titular role will be called ‘007: No Time to Die’. Yeah, it’s another silly spin of words involving the secret agent ass-kicker’s life that is filled action, love, danger, chaos, and death. Plenty of the reaction to the new title for the 25th film in the long running franchise has been to mock it as it seems to note Craig’s long run with the character and his age, but it will probably be fun so who really care? Mandatory has a very entertaining read off 15 alternate titles, because I am cut from the same smart ass cloth here some ideas of my own Bond adventure.

007: License to Ill (it’s a crossover musical with the Beastie Boys!)

007: Retirement Fund 

007: International Man of I have had too many 

007 Goldeneye for Nintendo 64: The Movie (it’s just big head mode on the big screen) 

007: Too Old To Care