Blink-182 sued by Fyre Festival for $500K. Here’s why.

The trustee that is overseeing the mess that is the smoldering remains of Fyre Festival is suing Blink-182 for a return of their deposit.

The lawsuit alleges that since founder Billy McFarland was trying to defraud his investors, deposits to artists and celebrities should be considered null and void.  The band pulled out of the festival, but kept their $500,000 deposit — I assume because their contract said they could.  But, no response was noted in this article from Variety, so that remains to be seen.

We did learn/were reminded, however, that Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratakowski were paid around a quarter million dollars a piece for one social media post.  FML.

Blink-182 will be doing a full album play of Enema Of The State at this year’s Riot Fest.  You can hook up with the set times, late night shows, and ticket info — everything you need for September 13-15.  See you in Douglas Park!  — [eric]