Netflix changing to weekly episodes for some upcoming shows

Netflix has been known for it’s binge practice of giving you an entire season of a show at once so you could devour it in a day or two. This may change as ComicBook reports this week, the streaming giant will be release the competition series The Great British Baking Show in weekly episodes similar to a cable TV show.  Another competition show that focuses on hip-hop music, Rhythm + Flow will also be presented in a similar weekly fashion.

Complex also ran the story with Netflix responding on Twitter with some clarification. It’s not clear if this is just Netflix “trying something new” or a simple experiment to protect a game show’s results from getting out too early.

There has already been wild speculation that this recent move is a response to Disney who are launching their massive streaming service Disney+  latet this year with a weekly release format of several big name series including ‘High School Musical’.