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Relationship Court: How to escape the friend zone

An end zone is 10 yards long and 53 yards wide. ESPN’s ill-fated dining experience, The ESPN Zone, lasted for nearly 20 years ago. There is no measurable distance for how long the friend zone can stretch or how long it will last, all that’s known for certain is that the friend zone will trap us at least once in our lifetime. 

Wednesday’s relationship court caller, Nick from Jefferson Park started a new job recently and immediately struck up conversation with a coworker. Nick asked his coworker to hangout, and the coworker said he’d love to if his boyfriend could come. Nick took the hint and backed off. 

Flash forward some time, Nick’s coworker and his boyfriend went through a breakup and the coworker is back on the market. 

Nick wants to know the best way to break out of the friend zone, and when he should make his move. 

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