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One has to go… Forever

There’s a proper way to break this down. 

Twix is the young, hot single. Twix stays in the pack because it’s the freshest, most desirable out of the group. Any other take is the wrong one. 

Snickers is an old, reliable favorite. It still has some spark and pizazz after all these years. Nothing fills a void quite like a truck stop Snickers in the midst of a long, endless road trip. Snickers in any size, shape, or form, is an incredibly tasty way to spend your time and energy. 

Reese’s and M&M’s are middle of the pack candies. They work best when you’re in the exact mood to eat one of them. Reese’s is arguably better in the white chocolate variety, but the milk chocolate option is still incredibly strong. M&M’s can tend to be stale when placed into the rectangular party bags, but I still like my chances with them. 

That leaves Kit Kat and Milky Way. To us, this is a no-brainer. Ditch the Milky Way and move on with your day. There is a crispy crunch to the Kit Kat that only Chance the Rapper can properly describe. 

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