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Happy National Voter Registration Day!

Happy #NationalVoterRegistrationDay!  If you’ve moved, changed your name, or just need to check on your registration take a minute to do so today!  

Election Day is March 17, make your vote count!  <3 Lauren

Local Elections:

Cook County: Find Your Polling Place

Know Your Voter Information

Chicago Board of Elections
Will County Voter Information
Kane County Voter Information
DuPage County Voter Information
McHenry County Voter Information
Lake County (Illinois) Voter Information

Illinois Voter Information
Register to Vote PDF: ENGLISH, SPANISH
U.S. Congressional District Map (broken down by street-Chicago)
Illinois House District (broken down by street-Chicago)
Illinois Senate District (broken down by street-Chicago)

Indiana Voter Information
Indiana Absentee Voting Information
Indiana Voter Registration

Wisconsin Voter Registration
Wisconsin Absentee Voting Information
Wisconsin Voter guide