Wubba Lubba Dub Dub! Watch the ‘Rick & Mort’ Season 4 Tariler

It’s one of the most beloved comedies on TV.  And fans are pumped for more demented multi-dimensional dysfunction with Rick & Morty with the delightfully wild, violent, and hilarious trailer for Season 4. The trailer has been up less than a week, but has already gathered nearly 7 million views, holding the number 2 trending video spot on all of YouTube. Yeah! Take that over-hyped makeup tutorials and fake prank videos that kids in middle school think are real! The thumping head-bobbing soundtrack has been provided by French eletro bad dudes Justice with anxious dance anthem ‘Stress’. Stream that song here. 

Adult Swim kicks off the new season on  November 10th.

WatchMojo broke down the trailer with easter eggs and how they connect to the ongoing stories of the show.

Even more R&M as they bang it out in a violent lazer-blasting adventure to a banger beat from Run the Jewels. Listen and put on headphones so your Mom does not get mad.