A random person at a party took my phone and filmed this


So maybe you found yourself at a costume party in the past week, rubbing elbows with someone dressed up as a ‘sexy’ version of something, and having a good time. Well I was doing the same this week and felt I could trust the party hosts to let me charge my phone in a bathroom unattended, well that’s a mistake at a party where a bunch of smart ass Chicago comedians are dancing and drinking right? Well, someone got my phone and filmed the following short video.

Yeah, you were expecting something really bad? No unnecessary nudity or mean negativity, just ‘hey you, go get those dreams’. I understand this person who I did not meet directly goes by the name Collin, and I want to thank him. Also if you watch this video you can hear a crowded kitchen chant “KEVIN! KEVIN” because I was ripping a beer bong. Yes, a stranger was telling me to chase my dreams while I chugged a beer. This why I love Chicago, and never want to leave.