What lead to My Chemical Romance reuniting?

Be still our beating emo hearts! My Chemical Romance were the talk of Halloween yesterday announcing through calculated social media posts, that they will return to the stage on December 20th at the Shrine Hall in Losa Angeles. The show went on sale today, and sold out in minutes. But what lead to all of this? RockFeed posted a well-crafted video laying out all of the elements to lead to this big news.

Joe Jonas (yes, that Jonas brother) got the reunion rumors rumbling this past summer when he stated that he had heard MCR rehearsing in sound stage down the hall from his band in New York. Jonas revealed the “dirt” during an English radio interview.

Frank Iero of MCR deflected the rumors with a humorous video.

Now MCR fans are tweeting apologies to Jonas after roasting him this summer over what they thought was a fraudulent announcement.

Since the band broke up in 2013, all of the members have stayed busy. Singer Gerard Way has been busy turning his successful comic book Umbrella Academy into a Netflix hit series.

Way also released a solo album in 2014 ‘ Gerard also stayed busy with music, releasing a solo album in 2014 called ‘Hesitant Alien’. His Halloweenie single last fall called ‘Baby, You’re a haunted house’ is a instant stuck-in-your-head song.

Mikey Way formed a band called Electric Century and released the album ‘For the Night to Control’.

Frank Iero has been quite active releasing three albums since MCR split. 2016’s Stomaches, 2016’s Parachutes, and the 2017 EP ‘Keep the Coffins Coming’. He most recently played Riot Fest this past September.

So will MCR play more show? Record new music? Could we get them to play Riot Fest already? Only time will tell.




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