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Last day to qualify for WKQX Golden Ticket

Today is the last day to register for a chance to win the WKQX Golden Ticket, which grants you access to every single show WKQX puts on this upcoming year. That includes Lounge performances, PIQNIQ, STOLE, and so much more. Listen to WKQX today from 6 am-6 pm for your chance to be the tenth caller.

Only ONE person will get the Golden Ticket, so do not miss out on your chance!

At the top of every hour from 6 – 10 am, When Brian, Ali, and Justin give you the signal, be caller 10 to 312-591-8300 

Today is your last chance you have to qualify for the Golden Ticket, so stop what you’re doing and listen for Brian, Ali, and Justin to give the signal to call in!