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Football star speaks only in cringe worthy cliches

Russell Wilson is a man of many talents. He’d led the Seahawks to the Super Bowl, he’s been invited to Pro Bowls, and he’s been in the running for MVP in the past. On the field, he’s one of a kind. No one can do what Wilson does. He’s a unique individual who has made a career off of being unique. His verbiage, on the other hand, leaves a little to be desired.

We’re not sure why Wilson only speaks in these absurd cliches, but it’s the way he’s chosen to live his life. We just hope that he only speaks like this on the field. Phrases like “love you boys, let’s crack it open” and the copious amount of “ayyyyys”, “ohhhhhhs”, and “atta baby” might confuse normal civilians.

Even with these cliches being a part of his game, we’d still gladly trade Wilson for Mitch Trubisky and anyone else the Bears want to throw in. Can we make that happen?