Green Day looking to play barn, garage, or “big backyard” party

In a video posted to Instagram, Billie Joe Armstrong says Green Day is looking to play a “backyard” gig to celebrate the release of “Father Of All…”

Now, before you get TOO excited, one of the only rules put forth so far is that the location has to be in California.  BUT….after that, there are no rules.  Billie says the location can be  “a relatively big backyard that we can do, like, a backyard party somewhere? Maybe come play at your house, or your garage,   backyard? Or do you have like a barn? Or is there a church or a church parking lot?”

I ask — if someone has a barn here in Chicago that is too good to pass up, would Green Day?  If not, you can always look forward to the Hella Mega Tour.[eric]  


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