Some Green Day fans thought THIS was the new album. It was an elaborate hoax.

It could have been the next Green Day album.  Except that it was totally and completely made up.

This is the story about how the Canadian band Panicland took a “fake” track listing from online — and turned it into a giant and well-crafted musical hoax.  Could three guys convince the world that the songs they wrote, the songs they recorded, the album artwork they created, and the leaked studio videos they made — could all be the work of their favorite band since childhood?

Originally intended to explain to Green Day what they had done, this video has since been released to the internet — and it documents how many Green Day fans bought Magnum Opus of the Inglorious Kind hook, line, and sinker.  As to why they did it, check this out. Enjoy.  — [eric]

(P.S. Green Day’s real album, Father Of All… is due in stores February 7th.)

[📷 : PHOTO: Julia Simone Paul/GRAPHIC: Pixabay)