Remember ’85 Bears: Watch the entire game here & more

Someone is pretty smart over on the NFL’s YouTube channel as they posted the entire game from the Chicago Bears dominating performance in Super Bowl XX in 1986. The video above features the original call of the game, it’s cut down from the commercials and no one ever sees to the halftime show with the Up with People singers again. The game is interesting when you watch the first few minutes when you consider how much the Bears wrecked teams that season, but it’s amazing to see how much this team was able to turn it all on when it mattered. They were an amazing team and one of the greatest teams in Chicago sports history. Yeah, this video is going to be a lot more entertaining than anything we will see tonight in Miami.

For the shorter attention spans out there, here are all the highlights with DA COACH and Mike Singletary breaking it down.

While we are here….why not trot out this classic.