Astros don’t want you to remind them they cheated


Let’s say the obvious: the Houston Astros are the most despised team in all of sports right now. Since it was revealed they actively cheated in a rule-breaking scheme to use technology to steal pitch signals during home games on their way to winning the World Series in 2017, they have been getting rightfully trashed in sports media and everywhere else. They got some punishment from the league but many fans have felt the fact that players on the team got immunity by participating in the investigation is unacceptable. The topic is staying hot right now, and the Astros want to bury it despite all the noise it’s stirring up.

ESPN is reporting in this video that Astros are confiscating signs from fans who are criticizing the team during their spring training games. One fan had a sign that read “Houston *’s” in reference to their tainted championship, but the team simply can’t let it be. This would not be the first time they stole a sign. We should all expect more negative reactions for the Astros as they start the current season.

Last week on 101WKQX, I asked listeners to text into 312101 with how the Cubs and the White Sox should ‘punish’ the Astros. My favorite response is from the 630, they suggested we replace their Gatorade/water cooler in the dugout with Malort. Yeah, they will taste their sins!