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Brian is secretly in business with Rod Blagojevich

You never know who to trust in this world and that’s a shame.

You may remember that former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was released early from his prison sentence after trying to sell Barack Obama’s senate seat back in 2008.

You may also remember known radio personality and former mayoral candidate, Brian Haddad, going on a  smear campaign against the disgraced governor.


Well, apparently that smear campaign was just a cover-up for their friendship.

We received this leaked footage of Brian secretly meeting with Blagojevich to discuss what can only be assumed as a dastardly and immoral deal. It’s like drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth.

We do not have the details on the business deal yet, but you can trust the KQX Moring Crew to keep you updated as soon as more details of the meeting are released.

Brian Haddad was contacted for an interview about the meeting, but he refused to comment on the ongoing investigation.