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Parking tickets and debt collection to stop in Chicago

Good news if you are like me with a couple two, tree tickets looming overhead at the moment.

(speaking of, I am still wondering if you can even get two tickets for the same thing in less than 24 hours…)

From Block Club Chi:

“all booting will stop, late fees on defaulted payments on city debts will be paused and no interest will be accrued. The city will also limit ticketing, towing and impounding and focus its efforts on public safety-related issues.

As part of the program, city utility bills will not be due until May 1.

“One of the most important things we can do is keep people economically solvent,” Lightfoot said.

The city will work with the private company that owns Chicago’s meters to ensure ticketing only occurs if there’s something that poses a safety threat. An expired meter at a car that is otherwise legally parked will not result in a ticket, Lightfoot said.

But people won’t be able to leave their cars on the street, Lightfoot said: That will still result in them being declared abandoned and towed.

Bills will come due eventually, Lightfoot said, though the program could be extended past April 30 if needed.”

<3 Lauren

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