DEMO 312 with James VanOsdol

Sundays, 10pm-11pm

DEMO 312 – 3/29/20

Lights Over Bridgeport
Morning in Chicago
August Hotel Train Song
Impulsive Hearts Alien
American Grizzly
Riding on a Horse
Giving Moon Velvet Smile
Under Moonlight
The Sweetest Song of a Heartless Man
Darling Suns Void
North By North As the Crow Flies
Evan Uhlmann Tea Lady
ROOKIE Hold On Tight
Jefferson Dust
The Greater Sacrifice
Havens The Rain
Ethel Shank
Me and My Iron Lung
The JAB Consume
Beach Bunny Cloud 9
The Band Royale
Loose Lips Sing Ships
Sunshine Boys Infinity GIrl

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