Watch Quarantine Concert with Blue October in the Lounge


Quarantine Concert | Blue October from #TheLounge

We're reliving some of our favorite #Lounge highlights!Join us for a Quarantine Concert featuring #BlueOctober

Posted by 101 WKQX on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

We got all the time in the world right now as we keep our social distance , but we miss LIVE music right? Well, enter our wonderful bunker of audible awesomness, THE LOUNGE. We are dipping our collective streaming chip into our vault of video goodies today with one of our more popular sessions. You can stream it with the stay-at-home masses here. Refresh this page later today to join the stream. 

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Blue October’s Justin Fursterfeld lays out the emotional journey of his deeply touching music about love gained, love lost, and his own personal struggles. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s now reached sobriety and clarity with his positive sense of humor to joke about himself and everything in between. This session is a must-see for any fan of the band.


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