What you can watch on HBOMAX?

Yet another big streaming service is entering the video wars with Netlfix, Hulu, and Disney+ as Warner Media is  launching HBOMAX next month. The new subscription service that will have a ton of content to lure in your eyes. Offering a ton of exclusive content from TBS, TNT, CNN, HBO, Warner Bros films, DC Comics, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and big budget originals. It could be a fair challenge to the other video offerings but it does have the biggest price tag of the bigger streaming sequels at $15 a month. It will be available on May 27th.

The service also snagged South Park at a reported big price tag of more than $500 million, and dropped another fortune to get the rights to ‘Friends’ which was supposed to have a reunion special for the launch but that has been delayed. House of Dragons, a prequel series to Game of Thrones will also be produced, so prepare for freakouts from everyone you know who loved that show. Industry sources claim $5 billion will be invested in the platform over the course of the next five years, so they are definitely trying to shake up the game.

The DC Cinematic Universe has had some hits and some misses but you will be able to get see all of of it here including the recent Oscar nominated ‘Joker’ available on launch. HBOMAX will also featue every DCU movie along with a new series featuring Green Lantern and a half hour comedy with female DC characters all trying to get through teen life in high school.

Conan O’Brien who is in the fold with TBS, will produce comedy specials but somehow Elmo from Sesame Street will host a late night style talk show.

The panel at Fandom went even deeper and looked at how Harry Potter could be included in this exciting library.


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