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Top 3/Bottom 3: Episodes 7 and 8 of The Last Dance

Episodes 6 and 7 of The Last Dance aired last night, and we are loving every single minute of it.  I mean, if we have to be stuck inside forever, what better way to pass the time than by watching MJ and Pippen dunk all over Patrick Ewing amirite?  Here are the top 3 moments we loved from last night, and 3 that we didn’t.


“Way to go, Craig.”  Episode 7 was incredibly quotable, but we got our best one just a few seconds in to the episode.  After being asked a question Jerry Krause clearly didn’t want to answer, causing him to storm out of a press conference that had barely started, someone chimed in with a “Nice one, Craig” towards whoever asked the question.  This needs to become our next go to insult when we need to drag a coworker for not muting their mic on a Zoom chat.

“Is there an echo?”  “Guys Im getting feedback” “Oh sorry, thats me. Forgot to mute.”  “WAY TO GO, CRAIG.”

“I’m Back”  -Michael Jordan, upon announcing his return to the NBA.  Coincidentally, also me, when the dining room at the Olive Garden opens back up.

Steve Kerr has no fear.  Even before the Last Dance, the story of Steve Kerr getting punched in the face by Michael Jordan was widely known, but for the first time we got to hear the details of the story from both players involved.  Turns out that Steve Kerr didn’t just take a punch to the face and keep going, he punched back!  Dude has 8 NBA championships as a coach and player and his greatest accomplishment is that he went blow for blow with Michael Jordan.  I bet he would even agree with that.


THE DUNK.  People forget how close the Bulls got to going to the NBA finals the year MJ went to play baseball.  What people should never forget, is the greatest dunk in NBA history.  The amount of disrespect Pippen delivers to Patrick Ewing (and then Spike Lee) is off the charts.  Seriously, look at this.  And then watch it again and again and again.  They should’ve devoted at least 30 minutes on this dunk, and how Scottie Pippen should’ve been the MVP that year.  In fact, as a Pippen guy, I’m a little upset with how tertiary his story has been this entire series.  Give this man the spotlight he deserves, dammit!

RIP James Jordan.  James Jordan’s murder was such a tragedy.  What made it worse was that some members of the media wrote articles questioning if Michael Jordan’s gambling issues had anything to do with it, despite absolutely no evidence indicating that.  Imagine how awful that must be, to not only lose a family member, but to be blamed for it as well?  Gross.

Michael Jordan, ruining people.  The only thing more disrespectful than the Pippen dunk in these episodes, was Michael Jordan calling Scott Burrell a HO multiple times.  OUTRAGEOUS.  Also, Toni Kukoc has never recovered from the abuse he took from Jordan and Pippen, you can hear it in his voice every time he speaks. Poor Toni. Someone send him a fruit basket.