Henry Cavill is returning as Superman

Henry Cavill has portrayed Superman well in three blockbuster DC Cinematic Universe films, with the films themselves have gotten mixed reactions but could the British actor return the role? It seemed less likely after 2017’s ‘Justice League’ was blasted down at the box office, but with the undeniable hype around director Zack Synder getting the long sought-after re-cut of the superhero team-up, there is now new hope that Cavill could put the cape on again.  Deadline reported yesterday Cavill is in negations to appear once more in a DCCU release in the future.

The article notes that a Superman ‘Man of Steel 2’ sequel is not happening. Wonder Woman 1984 is already done. The last son of Krypton could appear in ‘the Batman’. Superman did appear in ;Shazam’ but not portrayed by Cavill, could he be in the planned ‘Shazam 2’ pr maybe he gets into action with Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson’s ‘Black Atom’. Comic Book Cast breaks it all down in the video above.