With no baseball in sight, may I present — professional wiffle ball?

The opening moments of this video absolutely sucked me in.  It is a sign that I must really be missing sports.

Eight teams make up MLW Wiffle Ball — a league that on the surface appears to be a bunch of friends gathering at someone’s house to play a backyard sport.

But it is wayyyy more than that. Besides the pro-level graphics they bring to their footage, MLW has sponsors (Dick’s Sporting Goods, Giants Sunflower Seeds among others) as well as their own merch site.  That’s right — you can finally buy a game-used, autographed wiffle ball to add to your sports memorabilia collection.

Check out out some of their game highlights.  Maybe you’ll be compelled to drive to Michigan to catch a game before the 2020 season ends in late July.  Maybe you’ll just keep on going living your regular life.  In the year 2020, who even knows anymore?  — [eric]