Twenty one pilots are freaking us out with ‘1-877-LVL-CNRN’

The clique must find the answers again. Twenty One Pilots launched an online cryptic campaign today around a live stream that is quite creepy with two speakers, a camera aimed at the viewer, and a TV on a floor in a room airing a mixture of images and the number “1-877-LVL-CNCRN”. Random announcements say “operators are standing by”, occasionally you will hear a door knocking off camera, and then the same glow-in-the-dark tape on the walls as seen in the “Level of Concern” music video. The stream has really gotten some attention with over 138,000 viewers watching live within minutes of it going live.

Scroll down for the latest updates from this mystery puzzle which we will be adding here until all the clues are found, but if you need a break check our our quarantine interview with TOP’s Tyler Joseph where he shares his new perspective on life since becoming a father and much more. NOTE: There is spoilers for the puzzle below, but maybe that’s why you are here. 

WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? We don’t know just yet, but we will keep observing like we are trying to figure what’s going in an episode of ‘LOST’. If you got any ideas or you can actually get through on the phone number, let us know on our socials.

Here are some clickies who posted their puzzle solving fandom online today. We will update this page when we find out more, so refresh this page through the day as we gather what we can.

It’s hard to get through to the phone number 1-877-LVL-CNRN, but a fan posted what the number leads to which a confirmation is indeed a game with levels.

Well this leads to a site, and entering the code that this savvy detective found, you get a zip file, It contains photos of the band, silly short videos, and images with symbols. It’s unclear how these images play together.

And now people are digging into Morse codes in the stream.

It looks like several fans are digging for a second code currently. The reddit thread covering this is quite detailed as well, and they have foudn the second code to enter at

EVENT: LOC-061-220-2012P from twentyonepilots

3:00pm CST: Getting the second folder of contents reveals more symbols and a short video of TOP jumping off chairs with EDM artist Steve Aoki. If this is all a nod to more new music, could this mean they are collaborating with Aoki?

Codes 3 and 4 just popped up from several fans:



5:30PM CST:

The Clique has cracked more codes through some really well-hidden spots from the closed captions in a music video and more.

LOC-099-564-17GWX (hidden on zoom photo)

LOC-888-481-90TO? (LoC music video captions)

LOC-674-133-11JCS (16 words photo)

LOC-369-197-33J!! (heterogram.mp4)





Seven codes remain are still out and have not been discovered yet.

11:09 CST:  More clues having come up revealing more clues.

Pop Song Professor unearthed a clue.

Here are more codes to enter and get content.

16. LOC-522-325-61JAD

17. LOC-960-335-49CSY

18. LOC-363-905-64NLA

19. LOC-907-696-51SCP

Update 10pm CST Saturday:

The “hive mind” was successful with all of the little pieces coming together through many different clues and got even more complicated with symbols for letters and even braille. This reddit from user Imaginetop lays out when code number 20 revealed.

How to find the June 15th message from twentyonepilots