Michael Keaton back as Batman?!

Michael Keaton has had amazing career for decades, but his defining role will always be his portrayal of Batman in the blockbuster Tim Burton directed films from 1989 and 1992, but today brings the news that Keaton could take on the Caped Crusader one more time. The news caused ‘Batman’ to trend worldwide for hours yesterday on social media. Beyond the Trailer has the whole story here.

As Beyond the Trailer breaks down all the details, Keaton could play a critical role in an upcoming DC Cinematic Universer movie focusing on the Flash with a time-bending flip of the origin story of the Dark Knight. It’s worth noting now that Keaton has not been confirmed for the role.

You can watch the video for some big spoilers. It does play off a concept implemented in DC Comics known as a multiverse, which sees several timeline coexisting to explaining contradictions in story lines, creating multiple versions of the same characters, and much more.



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