Singing wife trolls husband with Alanis Morrisette for a month

When you are stuck in quarantine spending a lot of time around each other, you are bound to get on each other’s nerves or in this case, annoy the heck out of your partner by randomly singing Alanis Morrisette’s ‘Jagged Little Pill’ to them for a month. Yes, a month. That is what happened in this hilarious video from actress and singer Lisa Riefel who pestered her husband with lyrics, sometimes randomly in conversation or while he was doing chores. This video above was from a few weeks ago, but back in 2018 was when the we ought of known this was going to keep happening with grand results.

In 2018, Lisa drove Johnny nuts with the song for over a month.

Lisa and her husband Johnny are in the dance alt band KIllola who have been touring since 2003. If you like groups like Blondie and Garbage, this is right up your alley. Also give her other project, H. Kink a listen. They have some ridiculous music videos that have a real Tim & Eric vibe.

The Riefel family’s penchant for humor in music has already hit genuine viral fame earlier this year when young Jolee Dunn struck a chord with a seen-by-millions video in which she asks what is inside our butts. Inside Edition covered the story here.