‘Palm Springs’ on Hulu may be the best movie of 2020 …so far

A dark must-see comedy film  called ‘Palm Springs’ hit Hulu last week, and it’s maybe the best movie I have seen this year. Yeah, I didn’t see any movies in a theater in over 4 months for obvious reasons. The film, starring SNL alum Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti, is a ‘Groundhog Day’ misadventure for xennials, millenials, zoomers, etc. How do two lost souls get out of going through the same day over and over? It’s reinvents the concept with Twilight Zone vibes, earnest looks at hopelessness, and what love really means when your existence is challenged. Those elements sound like a lot of our collective experiences at the moment with COVID-19.

If you are having tough time processing the stressful times we are in, this movie will deliver a relatable and entertaining escape. It’s definitely a must-watch for anyone who had to change their wedding plans or anyone who has been dragged to a wedding they didn’t want to attend. Here are some reliable reviews from the best movie channels on YouTube to get a better look into this breakout film.


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