Floating movie theater coming to Chicago

Drive-in theaters have seen a revival with their natural ability to offer social distancing in our current pandemic circumstances, but now a new way to watch a movie with friends will become available. Beyond Cinema is an Australian company that before the pandemic successfully hosted floating theaters with boats. Now those sanitized boats will come to the United States. Each screening will have 12 to 24 boats according to Consequence of Sound. 

You can sign up here to find out when tickets go on sale for the Chicago screenings from September 9th to the 13th. It’s worth noting that no specific movie titles have been announced yet but the website does say it will be “a mix of golden oldies and new releases”.  No specific local body of water has currently been designated to host the screenings.

You still have some great options for drive-in movie theaters around Chicago too. Here is a refresher on that experience from Chicago’s Best.