Corey Crawford returns to Blackhakws after COVID-19

Corey Crawford was once again absent from practices for the Chicago Blackhawks until Saturday when the goalie took the ice as the team prepares for the shortened season due to the pandemic. Crawford revealed to the press that he tested positive for COVID-19, quarantined at home, and waited beyond the 10-day requirement out of an abundance of caution.

“I was trying to stay as safe as possible with my family, we spent a lot of time at home with two kids … it was a really big surprise that I tested positive,” Crawford said Saturday according to the Score. 

Crawford participated in today’s scrimmage game which you can watch above.

The Hawks will head out to Edmonton where they will face the Blues in an exhibition, before a 5-game series with the Oilers on August 1st. Let’s hope Crow can put on some moves like this again.

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