Watch Superman’s black suit revealed!

Comic-Con @ Home has been streaming entertainment panels online this week but the fan-created Justice Con with a DC Comics focus presented a special Zoom panel with director Zack Synder who came with something special. Synder teasing what awaits fans in the upcoming ‘Justice League’ Synder Cut, dropped a doozy of the short clip which revealed Superman in his black costume.  In this video, Beyond the Trailer breaks down the entire segment and lays out why the black costume is so important to the Superman mythos.

Watch the clip showing off the charcoal caped Superman here.

Kudos to Synder for giving fans this wonderful morsel as hundreds of thousands got behind the online campaign for him to be able to release his version of the 2017 superhero team-up film. Synder left the production due to a family issue before it could be completed, and Warner Bros Studios then had ‘Avengers’ director Joss Whedon step in for reshoots to finish the project.

A full trailer is expected at the officially sanctioned DC Fan Dome event which will stream online next month. The Synder Cut comes to HBO Max next year.


Watch this full interview with Synder talking about Justice League and more.




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