TikTok could get banned in the U.S.A

So the app that has made everyone try a dance they did not know how to do is in serious trouble. TikTok could be banned in the United States following comment by President Trump this weekend. Trump stated to reporters on Air Force One that the app would be “banned” from the U.S. as early as today, but the move has not been confirmed. The app has been banned in India by government officials who claimed it posed a serious risk for user privacy.  ABC News has more in this video above.

Yahoo Finance looked into the reports that the operators of TikTok, ByteDance to sell TikTok to Microsoft. The U.S. government has concerns that app is building up a bank of information for foreign governments specifically China. The American military has banned TikTok on all of it’s issued devices. Youtuber Atozy breaks all of the issues that lead to this and how the TikTokers are responding.

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