Disney throws curve ball with ‘Mulan’ movie release

Seeing a movie right now in a movie theater does not seem like the thing that a lot of people are eager to do right now with the current pandemic, but there are still some anticipated blockbuster films like Disney’s live-action adaption of ‘Mulan’. In April, the film’s release date for theaters was July 24th, so what’s next for this film?

Like everything else in entertainment in 2020, it’s release was delayed but now it seems the movie will still be released theaters and at-home on-demand in a new feature through the Disney+ streaming service on September 4th. So if you already have the service, you will get to rent the movie at home for $29,99. In the video above, Beyond the Trailer breaks down all the business maneuvering here and why it’s a massive shake-up for Hollywood.

Here is a look back at the classic animated film from Chris Stuckman.

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