Ben Gibbard covers ‘Centerfield’ on Mariner’s field

Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard is a proud son of Seattle and loves his hometown Mariners. So it was touching to hear the swooning voice do a spruced-up cover of the feel-good John Fogerty baseball anthem ‘Centerfield’  with some added references to Mariner greats like Ichiro Suzuki. Gibbard performed the solo acoustic cover on the field at T-Mobile Park with a great video showing kids practicing at home.

Gibbard has been able to produce some very touching moments lately with his at-home live streams during our current pandemic. He crafted a song for our stressed-out times right now with ‘Life in Quarantine’.

While you are here, enjoy the gift of Gibbard and company you should watch our Lounge session with DCFC from a few years back.