AMC Theaters reopening with 15 cent movies & safety precautions

AMC Theaters have been closed since March and are preparing to reopen on August 20 with a huge deal. Internet Today breaks it all down in their latest video above. It’s worth noting we don’t share their exact grim sentiment of the entire situation, but we hope if you do venture out to a movie theater that you follow all of the safety rules and be safe.

To get people back in the seats AMC has announced that when they reopen they will offer “movies in 2020 at 1920 prices.”That’s right when AMC theaters reopen you’ll be able to see a film for only 15 cents! It’s worth noting this will not apply to any new movies but rather classic films.

Not all local AMC locations will open around Chicago on the 20th, with some select locations opening later on September 3rd so make sure you check ahead of time.