The Killers have a murder mystery in ‘Hot Fuss’

Middle 8 on YouTube

True crime has exploded as a genre of interest in the past few years from ‘Making a Murderer’ on Netflix to huge podcasts like ‘the Syndicate’. We all want to know the who-done-it’s and how they did it. They are compelling stories of tragedy and one band who has been able to tell some of those stories is the Killers.

Middle 8 created this great short documentary video that explores the ‘murder trilogy’ that plays out over several songs on their 2004 breakout album ‘Hot Fuss’ with the final piece yet to be released years later on their ‘Sawdust’ collection. “The murder of a woman named Jennifer at the hands of her ex-boyfriend. A classic tale of a romance gone bad.” says the channel in the video description.

A few months ago, 101WKQX’s Jon Manley spoke with Brandon Flowers of the Killers about their new music, being creative in quarantine, and much more.