Watch David Blaine float over 24,000 feet by balloon (Live Stream)


David Blaine has done wilder and wilder stunts that challenge human limits from being underwater for extended periods, remained in ice for lengthy periods of time, and other spectacles but this live stream running now is something else. In a new challenge inspired by the modern Disney animated classic, Blaine is floating currently over 22,000 feet and counting with a crew of professionals working with him to help him break an astonishing record. If you have a fear of heights, this will make your blood boil.

At some point, he was on a teleconference with his daughter while he floated so far above the Earth. It was quite the production with helicopters covering the entire spectacle from different angles in real-time, it was beyond thrilling and relieving to see Blaine descent safely via by parachute from over 24,000 feet with his chute being pulled around 5,000 feet.