How “Seven Nation Army” became THE sports anthem — worldwide.

There is no bigger song from 2003 than “Seven Nation Army” from The White Stripes.  But this is no mere radio hit, as we find out in this video from Middle 8.  This is a song that anyone can chant the chords from….that anyone can use a trash can or a plastic stadium seat to bang out the beat.  It is for this reason — and others, as you will see below — that “Seven Nation Army” not only became a part of our playlists, but a part of sports fandom in general.

So go crank it up.  Or, as an alternative — crank up a version of the song played on a rubber band, vacuum cleaner, and a toy frog.  And don’t forget to crank of The History Of Alternative.  — [eric]

[📸 : Masao Nakagami/Wikimedia Commons]