Huge change at Netflix: 30-day free trials is ending

Netflix has made a huge change to its streaming service and the free trial ride is over.

In the United States, Netflix has ended the 30-day trial promotion that has existed for years. Maybe they just don’t want you floating in and out for periodic binges or sharing someone else’s account. Objectiveluy, it makes sense as people are spending so much more time with media nowadays.

Fox Business reported this week on the change, saying that sources claim the move has been in the works for a while now and similar changes have been made to the service in Mexico. There is also speculation from Marketwatch about Netflix possibly raising it’s subscription but the company has made no official annoucnement on that at this time.

Statista is currently reporting that Netflix has 72.9 million subscribers in the Untied States, adding 10 million new subs in the last few months.

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