Pearl Jam are finally releasing their ‘MTV Unplugged’ set

Pearl Jam has a dedicated fanbase all over the world, that have devoured live recorded performances of the Seattle legends in any form they can find it. They are a band where some of their fans just need to have everything they have done, but one part in PJ’s history has never been widely available until now. This week sees the long-awaited release of Pearl Jam’s ‘MTV Unplugged’ show on CD, Vinyl, and streaming platforms. The show was given a limited release last year in April for Record Store Day but now you can listen to the memorable set on Spotify and Apple.

PJ is celebrating their 30th anniversary this week with another big release of a full remastered  2016 concert video from Philadelphia which saw them play the entire ‘Ten’ album in a massive 32-song set. You can purchase that stream through at 8:00 p.m. ET tonight through October 25th.

Recorded on March 16th 1992, the seven-song ‘Unplugged’ set features Eddie Vedder and friends delivering emotional takes on tracks from the ‘Ten’ album in New York City. The set has been available on YouTube since 2014, so why not stream it here.

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