‘Chapelle Show’ coming to Netflix this weekend

During its 28 episode run ‘Chapelle Show’ became one of the biggest hits in comedy in the early 2000’s and launching Dave Chapelle to the top of the entertainment mountain. It was one of those shows that everyone had to have on DVD back when people got DVDs but with streaming video changing where can you catch your fill of Chapelle’s great sketches like his memorable behind-the-scenes stories on Rick James and more? Netflix will be streaming the show starting on November 1st.

That is not the only place you can stream Chapelle and other Comedy Central greats. Consequence of Sound reported this week that ‘Chapelle Show’, ‘Nathan For You’ and ‘Reno 911’ and ‘Key & Peele’ will be available on HBO Max on Sunday as well.

Chapelle returned to stand up comedy in 2015 with the Oddball Comedy Fest tour, and if you were one of the lucky 20,000 plus when saw his return in Tinley Park at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater then you know he was back to rule the world. Since then his Netflix specials have been appointment viewing, and now we are all going to hear a lot more friends yell ‘WHAT!?’ in conversations the next few weeks