Foo Fighters teasing ‘X’, Confirmed For SNL with Dave Chapelle

Dave Grohl and the crew, could be teasing a new album based on signage that fans have shared online in and around the Los Angeles area. This would be the Foos 10th album so that might explain the “x” but we do not know much more thant that. You can check out the teases have been popping up that also include images of a burning coffen down below. You can see also quick teaser videos from the band themselves with the hashtag “lpx”.

As if that was not enough good news from the Foo Fighters, we got confirmation the alternative band of bands will be performing this weekend on NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ with comedy legend Dave Chaepelle hosting. It will be interesting if we see the band use this national TV opportunity to play a new song possibly. Two great Daves on one show together, 2020 has some bright spots I guess.


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New 10th FF ALBUM spoiler at Las Palmas x Hollywood Blv @foofighters @foofightersbr #foofighters

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