The Best Dunk in the History of Basketball

Great dunks are often done by the game’s greatest players. Dr. J rocked the baby, Jordan jumped from the free throw line, and Blake Griffin jumped over a car. We’ve even see legends like Darryl Dawkins and Shaq cause destruction with their backboard-shattering displays of aggression. Now, however, we must give the new dunk king his crown. Alabama high schooler and Mississippi State basketball recruit Keshawn Murphy etched his way into the history books after delivering a basket-breaking slam over the weekend. He didn’t break the backboard, nor did he tear off the rim. He brought down THE WHOLE BASKET.

The damage was so significant that the game had to be postponed, however, and the final four minutes will be played at a later date. Given the sheer destruction involved, we have to say this is the best dunk we’ve ever seen. Do you agree? Let us know on Twitter @101WKQX.