Love locks are getting cut off bridges. And that’s the perfect thing to do.

Happy Valentine’s Day.  It’s an amazing feeling to have found “the one,” is it not?  Just do the world a favor, though.  If you ever feel compelled to hang a “love lock” as a symbol of your relationship’s permanence….just…don’t.  It would likely be one of the most ironic moves you can make.

At one of the hottest spots for couples to commemorate their union — a small pedestrian bridge in Prague (VIDEO BELOW) — crews regular come through with bolt cutters and snap the symbols right off.  And for good reason.  Worldwide, these historical structures are falling apart, under the weight of the heavy metal.

Feel free to watch.  Maybe you’re a bit bitter today and will revel in the destruction.  Or maybe you and your person will realize a $10 padlock isn’t the best way to commemorate your thing.  It’s just gonna get cut off anyways.  — [eric]

[📷: William Eickler from Pexels]

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