Perry Farrell wants Lollapalooza 2021 “in one capacity or another”

Lollapalooza founder and Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell says he is hopeful that Chicago will be able to experience the festival in 2021, he said in a recent interview:

If we can all stay on course, get vaccinated, stay socially distanced and masked up, maybe please, God, maybe well get to go to Chicago in early August in one capacity or another, he said. If its not a giantLollapalooza, it might be a half-capacityLollapaloozaor noLollapalooza. But I want there to be aLollapaloozain some capacity so bad.

Read and see the video here from Spin. Keep those fingers crossed — and grab that shot when you can! It’s our best path back to live music this summer. — [eric]