FBI releases file on Kurt Cobain, which includes two letters calling for death investigation

Without a lot of fanfare, the FBI recently opened up its books on Kurt Cobain — and the 10-page file includes a couple of letters from unknown authors, asking the bureau to investigate his death.

For decades, the FBI kept a file on conspiracy theories about Kurt Cobain’s death. Here’s what’s in the newly released documents.

A Seattle TV station summarized the content of the two redacted letters, who were skeptical of Kurt’s death being a suicide:

“Millions of fans around the world would like to see the inconsistencies surrounding his death cleared up once and for all,” reads one typewritten letter, dated Sept. 24, 2003. That letter also cites director Nick Broomfield’s 1998 documentary, “Kurt & Courtney,” as evidence of similar skepticism.

The second letter, dated Nov. 20, 2006, pointed to so-called evidence from the lack of fingerprints found on the shotgun to different handwriting used in a portion of Cobain’s suicide note, Billboard reported. The letter also referenced the 2004 book, “Love and Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain.

If you want to read the file for yourself, here’s the link you need.  — [eric]