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What’s the best Midwest fast food chain?

Sure, the West Coast has beaches and sunshine, and the East Coast has…..The Statue of Liberty I guess?  But the Midwest has something that can never ever be topped, butter burgers.  Thats right, you can say whatever you want about our area being flyover territory but there is absolutely no denying how good our fast food chains are.  From Culver’s to Portillo’s, the Midwest is home to some of the best quick and delicious food on the planet. Seriously, I lived on the west coast for almost 20 years and I can’t even name how many times I made friends over discussions on Culver’s, Harold’s, and Portillo’s….its a small miracle im not 700 lbs.  THRILLIST posted their list of Midwest fast food chains that everyone needs to try, check it out and make sure to let us know what fast food chain you rank as #1..unless you think Skyline Chili is the best, because GROSS.